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The Difference

     All REFLUX cold start apparatuses are hand-assembled, heirloom quality functional pieces of art that deliver the preeminent concentrate experience at the push of a button.

     A minimalist design with unmatched flexibility gives you unique analog control over vaporization.  REFLUX is the only electromagnetic concentrate vaporizer that offers selective interchangeability of a collection of heating element configurations of various shape, size, material, and quantity to provide unprecedented control over the temperature ramp and vapor texture of your concentrate.

     REFLUX’s revolutionary Slow-Temp (TM) heating process reveals the purest essence by gradually increasing temperature and delicately building vapor intensity from the lightest mist through your ideal cloud.  This process allows you to experience the full evolving flavor profile as the individual components of your concentrate reach their vaporization points.  

     By controllably vaporizing the components of your concentrate at the lowest temperatures possible you also experience an amazing efficiency, have the ability to prevent the formation and vaporization of unwanted compounds, and taste your concentrates like you’ve never tasted them before.

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